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Case Management Project a Partnership of Disabled Persons Federations and LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing

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CDPF BJ Sept 1 Since September 2016, The Beijing Disabled Person’s Federation has contracted with LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing to provide case management for 150 children and to establish family support systems so that families can effectively access resources. An initial parent meeting and training was held at LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing on 13 September 2016. Twenty-seven children with special needs and their parents, teachers and students from the Department of Social Work at Beijing University of Agriculture, as well as LIH Olivia’s Place clinical staff participated.


CDPF BJ Sept 2Parents toured the clinic, met our doctors and therapy team, and were provided with an overview of clinic services. Clinicians briefly introduced the group to various therapies, techniques, and effects and outcomes of treatments. Parents came away with a better understanding of developmental behavioral pediatrics and therapies, as well as the mission of LIH Olivia’s Place. In addition, the project leader gave a detailed introduction to the case management project.


During the initial parent meeting, LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing Health Service Director Kristi Troutman also presented on “How to play with your Kids.” She introduced play suitable for children of different ages and with varying diagnoses and delays, as well as strategies to include therapy techniques in play. Through this lecture, parents began to think about how they usually play and interact with their children, and learned better ways to communicate with them. Read more