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LIH Healthcare and CSH Take Next Steps Toward Greater Collaboration in Pediatric Services

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CEO of LIH Healthcare Nelson Chow presents at Children’s Specialized Hospital’s leadership council meeting

CEO of LIH Healthcare Nelson Chow presents at Children’s Specialized Hospital’s leadership council meeting

On 19th July 2017, LIH Healthcare CEO Nelson Chow, Executive Vice President Dr. Jie Zhang, and US Office Representative Anita Lin visited Children’s Specialized Hospital for new dialogue on continued collaboration opportunities. The focus of the discussion was to develop inpatient pediatric specialty service lines in China, including specialized pediatric rehabilitation programs such as post- NICU follow-up, post liver-transplant rehabilitation, post-surgical orthopedics, and traumatic brain injury (TBI)/non-TBI. In this full-day visit, the LIH Healthcare team conducted in-depth meetings with CSH clinical leaders and staff of the Infant Toddler Program, Brain Injury Program, Chronic Pain Program, Chronic Illness Management, and General Rehab Program. Open dialogue revealed opportunities to develop customized training programs for autism spectrum disorders and ADHD in China. In this full-day meeting, Mr. Chow also brought an exciting update to the executive team of Children’s Specialized Hospital to address 2016 – 2017 milestones, current progress, and forthcoming opportunities for collaboration between two organizations. CEO of Children’s Specialized Hospital, Warren Moore, and VP of Business Development, Michael Dribbon offered their congratulations personally for LIH Healthcare’s progress and shared their excitement about the opportunities in working with LIH Healthcare to create more quality pediatric service programs in China.

LIH Healthcare Visits Burke Rehabilitation Hospital for the Future of Adult Rehab in China

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Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

Burke Rehabilitation Hospital

From July 17th to 18th, LIH Healthcare CEO Nelson Chow, Executive Vice President Dr. Jie Zhang, and US Office Representative Anita Lin visited the hospital and met with the leadership team of Burke Rehabilitation Hospital to discover the great potential in a future partnership to improve adult rehabilitation in China.
As an organization that shares the same vision of providing high quality rehabilitation service, Burke Rehabilitation Hospital is a 102-year-old acute rehabilitation hospital with a long and prestigious history of providing high-standard, family-centered care in upstate New York. Joining highly-reputed medical center Montefiore in 2015, Burke Hospital also shares a strategic role in the alliance to expand the availability of advanced rehabilitation therapies as they work closely with Montefiore providers. Beautifully designed on a large, 61-acre campus, Burke Hospital currently owns 11 buildings that contain inpatient and outpatient services catering to various types of patient needs, ranging from neurological and musculoskeletal, to cardiac and pulmonary disabilities caused by disease or injury.

Left to right: Will Siegal (Operations, Burke Hospital), Nelson Chow (CEO, LIH Healthcare), Janet Herbold (Senior Administrator of Outcomes, Burke Hospital), Jeffrey Menkes (CEO, Burke Hospital), Jie Zhang (VP, LIH Healthcare), Barry Jordan (Sports Neurologist, Burke Hospital), Anita Lin (Representative, LIH US Office), Matthew Bartels (Chairman of PM&R Department, Montefiore), Stephen Rosenthal (Senior VP, Montefiore)

Left to right: Will Siegal (Operations, Burke Hospital), Nelson Chow (CEO, LIH Healthcare), Janet Herbold (Senior Administrator of Outcomes, Burke Hospital), Jeffrey Menkes (CEO, Burke Hospital), Jie Zhang (VP, LIH Healthcare), Barry Jordan (Sports Neurologist, Burke Hospital), Anita Lin (Representative, LIH US Office), Matthew Bartels (Chairman of PM&R Department, Montefiore), Stephen Rosenthal (Senior VP, Montefiore)

Through the visit, the leadership team at Burke Rehabilitation Hospital recognized LIH Healthcare’s achievements, potential, and determination in shaping the future of China’s adult rehabilitation services. Consensus was achieved around a desire to collaborate on high-end specialty service and professional development and education in southwest, China. Specialized in neurological, orthopedic and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation, Burke Hospital sees the opportunity to work with LIH Healthcare by bringing world-class education and training to future providers and building specialty services in China.


SCMC Conference Focuses on Clinical Skills & Advances in Care

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Developmental behavioral pediatrics is a rapidly evolving field. However, in China it is still an emerging field with insufficient professionals and establishment of relevant programs. Both pediatricians and educators are confronted with serious challenges in diagnosis and treatment. In order to improve diagnosis of pediatric disorders and treatment quality, “Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Conference,” a national continuing medical education program, was held in Shanghai from 22nd to 26th June 2016. This conference was held by Shanghai Children’s Medical Center, affiliated with the School of Medicine at Shanghai Jiaotong University, attracting more than 100 healthcare providers devoted to developmental behavioral pediatrics. LIH HealthCare played a key role during the conference through the participation of several of our experienced clinicians.

The conference focused on clinical practical skills including standard treatment of pediatric disorders and differential diagnosis. Lecturers explained complex theories clearly and concisely. From basic introduction to clinical treatment, the content was well organized with prominent themes and a high-level of precision. All participants showed strong enthusiasm and took part in discussions. The conference was well received and questions put forward by participants were satisfactorily answered. In addition, the conference summarized new advances in developmental behavioral pediatrics in China to encourage healthcare providers to promote best practices.

img_2910A few experts were invited for this conference: Dr. Mark Simms, Director of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, who has helped to establish and advance developmental behavioral pediatrics in China over the past ten years; Professor Jin Xingming, leader of the National Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Group; and Professor Zhang Yiwen, Director of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at Shanghai Children’s Medical Center. Meanwhile, Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Healthcare, gave a keynote address at the conference, highlighting the mission of LIH Healthcare to support to support the field of developmental behavioral pediatrics in China.

Also, Dr. Susan Cadzow, Director of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics at LIH Healthcare, presented on Infant Mental Health. Dr. Cadzow is a Behavioral/Developmental and General Pediatrician from Australia, and has worked in China for more than five years, she has extensive clinical and teaching experience in the areas of developmental and behavioral pediatrics, general pediatric medicine, and neuro-disability. In addition, Dr. Cadzow undertook further training and research in child protection and infant mental health.

Clinical psychology in China is not as well developed as in the USA or Europe. When it comes to infant mental health, there are very few resources and research on this area here. Very few people are aware that babies may have mental problems and can benefit from mental health support as adults do. During Dr. Cadzow’s presentation, she introduced “What is Infant Mental Health?,” and “What is Attachment Theory” to an audience which included pediatricians, therapists, and other pediatric clinicians. Through case sharing, Dr. Cadzow explained the risk factors and effects of early adverse experiences. She also helped the audience to understand how to identify infant mental health problems and how to promote good infant mental health. With the data analysis, case sharing and demonstration, and theoretical explanation provided by Dr. Cadzow, the audience gained a better understanding what pediatricians and other clinicians who treat babies should know about infant mental health and where to find resources.

After the conference, Professor Mark Simms was invited by LIH HealthCare CEO Nelson Chow to visit LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai. During the visit, Professor Simms was impressed by LIH HealthCare’s efforts to support the development of rehabilitation services in China. During the meeting, Professor Simms and Nelson had a great discussion on how to further Development Behavioral Pediatrics in China, how to support rehabilitative care, and how to work together to bring recent advances in theory and practice to China.

LIH Healthcare is dedicated to supporting the advancement of developmental behavioral pediatrics and will always contribute to the field of pediatric rehabilitation. We believe that pioneers in this field will apply what they have learned to clinical practice and attract more healthcare providers to improving children’s quality of life in China.

Mayo Clinic Pediatrician Shares Knowledge and Fosters Discussion in 4 Cities

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Dr. Raymond  Tervo

Dr. Raymond Tervo

Dr. Raymond Tervo is an American pediatrician with the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota, US, has a half a century of experience in pediatrics. His work, has included clinical research on neurodevelopment assessment, genetic testing for global developmental delay, self-injurious behaviors, and addressing problems encountered during treatment by families of children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Throughout his career, he has promoted and developed care and services for children and their families.

Brent Johnson, Nelson Chow, Dr. Raymond Tervo, Sun Changshen, Dr. Yu Peng

Brent Johnson, Nelson Chow, Dr. Raymond Tervo, Sun Changshen, Dr. Yu Peng

As a medical adviser for LIH Healthcare, Dr. Tervo planned a comprehensive trip during late August and early September to learn more about the state of rehabilitation in China and share his knowledge with LIH Healthcare teams as well as with numerous healthcare providers in the cities we serve. His first stop was our corporate headquarters in Beijing. There, Dr. Tervo met with President Sun Changshen, CEO Nelson Chow, COO Brent Johnson, and other senior leaders and discussed the direction of rehabilitation in China. Dr. Tervo greatly impressed the executive team with his dedication to the field of rehabilitation and profound knowledge. During his trip, Dr. Tervo visited Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Kunming and shared his ideas and experiences with doctors, therapists, faculty and students in the areas of developmental behavioral pediatrics, pediatric neurology, pediatric health care, and pediatric rehabilitation.


In Beijing
tervo-bj-160831On 30 August, Beijing LIH Oliva’s Place presented together with the Pediatric Institution of Capital Medical University. Dr. Tervo gave a lecture on Child Development Delays. The lecture attracted more than 100 medical staff, including doctors, research personnel, nurses, and therapists, from medical institutions from throughout Beijing.

tervo-bj-2The Forum & 2016 Sino-America Behavior Development Disorder Tele-health Workshop was held by the Behavior Development Pediatric Group of Beijing Medical Society and LIH Olivia’s Place. Dr. Tervo spoke on Telehealth Coaching: Assessment and Intervention for Children with Developmental Disabilities, with professionals from more than 30 medical institution attending this lecture. During this event, Sun Changshen, President of LIH Healthcare, expressed his personal commitment and shared the company’s continued focus contributing to research in the field of developmental behavioral pediatrics in China.

In Shanghai
On 3 September, Assessment and Treatment of Childhood ADHD, an activity of The 11th Shanghai Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, was held by Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center. Dr. Tervo presented on Diagnosis and Treatment of ADHD. On the same day, Dr. Tervo also attended a seminar held by Xinhua Hospital, the affiliated hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, together with The First Rehabilitation Hospital and LIH Oliva’s Place. About 150 people attended the seminar, including speech therapists, physical therapists, psychologists, and parents. Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Healthcare, attended the event at Xinhua Hospital. On behalf of the company, he expressed LIH Healthcare’s readiness to promote development within the field of pediatric rehabilitation in China. In addition to Mr. Chow, Dr. Fengyi Kuo, Occupational Therapist at LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai, and Dr. Susan Cadzow, LIH Healthcare Director of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics also attended the seminar.


Secretary Wen, Shenzhen Children's Hospital

Secretary Wen, Shenzhen Children’s Hospital

In Shenzhen
On 4 September, Dr. Tervo travelled to Shenzhen to speak on Telehealth Coaching: Assessment and Intervention for Children with Development Disabilities and Development Delay Patterns. This seminar was held jointly by Shenzhen Children Hospital and Shenzhen LIH Oliva’s Place.

Secretary Wen from Shenzhen Children Hospital acted as the host and gave a warm welcome to Dr. Tervo. More than 200 people attended the forum, including pediatricians, therapists, special education teachers, students, and parents. Clinicians in attendance were mainly from the departments of rehabilitation, developmental behavioral pediatrics, psychology, and speech and language at Shenzhen Children Hospital and other hospitals in the area specializing in maternal and child health.


km-tervo-visit-1In Kunming
From September 6 to 7, Dr. Tervo gave four speeches at an academic forum held by Kunming LIH SkyCity Rehabilitation Hospital and Yunnan Rehabilitation Medicine Society. The four speeches were Development Screening, Development Delay Patterns, Autism, and ADHD. LIH Healthcare President Sun Changshen, Yunnan Rehabilitation Medicine Society & Rehabilitation Committee Member Professor Liu Yun, and Director George Wang of LIH SkyCity Rehabilitation Hospital were present. Attendees included clinicians from the specialties of rehabilitation, pediatrics, and child healthcare.

Research on Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics and Promoting Telehealth in China
One of Dr. Tervo’s primary focuses during his trip was Telehealth coaching: Assessment and Intervention for Children with Developmental Disabilities. He noted that telehealth standards have reached a level which compares favorably with on-site medical methods in the area of child development and behavior. Meanwhile, it can solve problems related to medical resources, distance, and affordability. Dr. Tervo expressed the hope that Chinese children can benefit from telehealth technology.

Currently, Dr. Tervo is working with University of Minnesota to promote the application of telehealth in China, and is hoping that this program can be implemented in the very near future. Meanwhile, Dr. Tervo also pointed out that research in the field of child development and behavior research in China is still at an early stage. He believes we are at a critical point for China and has expressed his willingness to contribute his own efforts to help people access better rehabilitation services.

Radio Show “Rehabilitation Classroom” Improves Awareness

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The Rehabilitation Classroom, a public benefit broadcasting program co-created by Kunming LIH SkyCity Rehabilitation Hospital and Yunnan News Radio Station, has been broadcast over FM105.8 since 1 July 2016. The program has been well-received, with excellent audience ratings.


Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Healthcare, broadcasts at Yunnan News Radio Station.

Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Healthcare, broadcasts at Yunnan News Radio Station.

The first guest of Rehabilitation Classroom was Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Healthcare. In telling the story of his young daughter Olivia, who has Down syndrome, Nelson emphasized the important role that therapy has played in Olivia’s development. In another broadcast, Professor and Occupational Therapist Fengyi Gou (Taiwan), also with LIH Healthcare, introduced geriatric disease rehabilitation and shared experiences in how to live healthily and happily in one’s senior years. So far, seven experienced clinicians have been invited to this program to impart rehabilitation knowledge to listeners. By using plain language and related stories, the experts have made this program easy to understand and enjoyable to listen. Topics in July and August have included:

  • Olivia’s Story (presented in two parts)
  • Cervical Spondylosis Rehabilitation
  • Early Rehabilitation of Fracture
  • Give Yourself a Chance of Recovery
  • Healthy and Happy Old Age
  • To know CPR, To Improve Life Quality


Yunnan News Radio Station has an audience of 6.5 million throughout Kunming, many of whom are seniors. This program helps listeners learn more about rehabilitation and contributes to improve national awareness. The partnership between Kunming LIH SkyCity Rehabilitation Hospital and Yunnan News Radio Station will continue to invite rehabilitation medicine experts to provide community-based education to our audience, especially on topics that positively impact the lives of seniors, in the near future.

Nelson Chow & Shawn Yang Featured on CCTV’s “Crossover”

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Crossover is a CCTV cross-cultural lifestyle English-language talk show that celebrates and explores life in China. Hosts discuss the most exciting issues of the day. Hot topics in news that feature the best experts in their field, celebrity interviews, and general entertainment are all part of Crossover.

Shawn Yang, a member of the LIH Healthcare communications team, was invited to “Crossover” on 23 March 2016. Shawn was diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy when he was eight years old and was not given an optimistic prognosis for his future. Years later, this diagnosis does not affect his outlook on life or his work at LIH Healthcare. Shawn is responsible for organizing the training for parents through LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing and uses his excellent self-taught English skills to communicate with international clinicians working at and visiting LIH Olivia’s Place. Because of his own life experience, Shawn takes his job very seriously. He knows that the professional training of parents and high-quality rehabilitation services mean a lot to children with special needs and their families.

Nelson Chow and Shawn Yang speak with the hosts of CCTV's Crossover.

Nelson Chow and Shawn Yang speak with the hosts of CCTV’s Crossover.

Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Healthcare and a founder of LIH Olivia`s Place, attended the show with Shawn. Nelson’s daughter, Olivia, is the namesake for LIH Olivia’s Place. Olivia was born with Down syndrome. In order to help Olivia and all children with special needs in China obtain high quality pediatric services, Nelson started Olivia`s Place, where he introduced advanced international rehabilitation concepts in Shanghai and Beijing over the last five years. Following a merger with LIH, the LIH Olivia’s Place division has plans to provide pediatric therapy and developmental behavioral medical services in several cities across China, reaching many more children and families, and hopefully changing perceptions of people with special needs as the company expands its reach.

Shawn and Nelson have both devoted themselves to the development of rehabilitation services and are excited about the role that LIH Olivia’s Place will play in a bright future for children with special needs in China.

You can  watch the show at:

Clinician Profile: Jamie Fanelli, Lead Learning & Behavior Support Specialist

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Learning and Behavior Support Lead

Learning and Behavior Support Lead

Jamie Fanelli has extensive experience working both with children with special needs and typically developing children in educational and clinical settings. She holds an M.S.Ed in Special Education from Simmons College in Boston, US, and a professional educator’s license. Before joining LIH Olivia’s Place, she worked as a psychometrician for the TRANSCEND Research Program, affiliated with Harvard Medical School and MIT, at Massachusetts General Hospital. As a psychometrician, she administered a full battery of neuropsychological assessments and diagnostic interviews and provided behavioral management support to infants and children while they underwent neuroimaging. Jamie has also been a special educator, with experience developing and implementing Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) and Behavior Support Plans (BSPs) and educating children with special needs using an ABA methodology and a variety of instructional approaches, including PECS, sensory integration activities, differentiated instruction, and incidental teaching methods. She has provided reading support utilizing specialized instructional approaches and conducted educational and functional behavioral assessments. She has worked with children with a variety of diagnoses, including autism spectrum disorders, sensory integration dysfunction, dyslexia, dysgraphia, ADHD, developmental delay, seizure disorder, and traumatic brain injury. She is especially passionate about helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds and enjoys giving trainings to the local community. Jamie leads our team of learning support and behavior specialists in Shanghai and Beijing. She also provides the following services:

  •             Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapy
  •             Individualized Learning Support
  •             Functional Behavior Assessments
  •             Functional Skills Assessment and Curriculum Planning
  •             Individualized Education Plan (IEP) Development
  •             Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) Development
  •             Behavior Consultation for Parents or Teachers
  •             Professional Trainings and Workshops for Schools and/or Parents
  •             Joint Neuropsychological Assessments


How long have you been in China?

I moved to Shanghai in October 2012. I’m originally from the U.S.A but have also lived and worked in Germany and South Korea.


Why did you choose to work at LIH Olivia’s Place?

I visited a few different centers and schools in Shanghai but chose for work for LIH Olivia’s Place for their multidisciplinary team approach and mission to improve therapeutic services in China. From the moment I met with the founder, Nelson Chow, it was clear that the center was dedicated to not only providing high quality pediatric therapy to their clients but also to building relationships with the local community to help educate the local public and spread therapeutic services and inclusive education throughout China.


Why did you choose your field?

In college, I worked at an inclusive preschool and was absolutely moved by witnessing firsthand how children with ASD could fully access the curriculum when given the right supports. It was a life changing experience and led me to focus my studies on children with special needs.


What are some of the most rewarding experiences you have had in your chosen profession?

Watching the pride on a child’s face when s/he has realized that s/he has accomplished a skill that s/he originally felt was out of reach. Also, in China, it has been especially rewarding to support the many parents and teachers through LIH initiatives who are unable to receive ongoing services. It’s truly worth its weight in gold.


What’s your favorite thing about living in China/working at LIH Olivia’s Place?

No one day is ever the same at LIH Olivia’s Place or in Shanghai. Even after three years, I discover something new everyday. It’s very rewarding to be a part of such a skilled and diverse team, who truly embrace the multidisciplinary approach and continuously support each other to help both the clients and each other grow.


What would you like to be doing in 5 years’ time?

I started my adventure in East Asia 5 years ago and could not be happier at the moment. I am very passionate about continuing to work in this field and see myself in an environment where I’m continuing to broaden my knowledge while helping children and their families and other clinicians reach their full potential.


Beijing Children’s Hospital & LIH Olivia’s Place Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On December 4, 2015, the Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital,Capital Medical University, and LIH Olivia’s Place signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Changhe, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech about LIH Olivia’s Place’s provision of inter-disciplinary care which meets or exceeds international standards for high quality medical and therapy services for children.


Director Fang Fang, Beijing Children's Hospital Department of  Neurology and Nelson Chow, CEO, LIH Changhe

Director Fang Fang, Beijing Children’s Hospital Department of Neurology and Nelson Chow, CEO, LIH Changhe

BJ Childrens 1

Director Fang Fang, delivered a touching speech on behalf of the Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital and Capital Medical University. She said that they had made a careful medical and academic investigation and found LIH Olivia’s Place to be a strong and trustworthy medical institution. Our newly established cooperation will support the care and development of the children and families we serve.