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LIH Healthcare Hosts Pre-Conference Workshops at ISPRMDC

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The International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine for Developing Countries (ISPRMDC) held its third annual conference from July 28 – 31 in Kunming, China. This year, the conference featured a special pre-conference workshop series hosted by LIH Healthcare, conference corporate sponsor. The workshop series was led by a group of internationally renowned rehabilitation experts, who are also members of LIH Healthcare’s Consultant Advisory Board. They discussed 3 trending rehabilitation topics, “Spasticity Management,” “Cardiac Rehabilitation,” and “Motor Control and Learning.” The workshops introduced cutting-edge concepts and included on-site demonstration with the most advanced technology in the field. Focusing on enhancing awareness on how to promote patients’ functional ability and quality of life, the workshop series gained attention from international and local rehabilitation communities.

Audience ISPRMDCThe first workshop, Spasticity Management, was led by Dr. Gerard Francisco and Dr. Heakyung Kim. Both are well known rehabilitation professionals. Two breakout sessions included “Contemporary Strategies for Post-Stroke Spasticity Management” and “Strategies of Spasticity Control in Cerebral Palsy Children.” Dr. Francisco is the current Director of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Chief Medical Officer of TIRR Memorial Hermann. He is also a clinical professor and Chairman of the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Medical School. Dr. Kim is the Fellowship Program Director of Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine and Director of Pediatric Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Medicine at Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City; she also serves as A. David Gurewitsch Professor of Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine and Professor of Pediatrics at Columbia University Medical Center and Weill Cornell Medical Center.

”Cardiac Rehabilitation” workshop sessions were led by Dr. Matthew Bartels and Professor Alice Jones, also two very renown rehabilitation experts. The two breakout sessions included “Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine Physician in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Restoration of Function and Health” and “The role of a Physiotherapist in Cardiac Rehabilitation.” Dr. Bartels is the current Chairman of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. He has also been prominently engaged in the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Association of Academic Physiatrists, Association of American Physicians, and the International Society for Heart & Lung Transplantation. Professor Jones is an international expert in cardiorespiratory physical therapy; she is currently an Honorary Professor at the University of Sydney.

The “Motor Control and Learning” workshop session was led by Professor Fengyi Kuo and Therapist Ching-Chun Lin. The session was rolled out with a deep dive from theoretical lecture to practical experience. Professor Kuo is currently an occupational therapy clinician at LIH Olivia’s Place, Shanghai, and a visiting professor at Indiana University/IU School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences in Indianpolis, Indiana, United States. She also serves on the American Occupational Therapy Association (AOTA)’s Childhood Obesity Prevention and Health Promotion Work Group. Ching-Chun Lin is an experienced physical therapist with extensive clinical and research experience in neurology, pediatrics, orthopedics, geriatrics, and neurocognitive fields. She has previously served as Physical Therapist Lead of the Rehabilitation Medicine Department at Zhonghe Memorial Hospital of Kaohsiung Medical School.

ISPRMDC Pre-Conference Presenters and LIH Healthcare Executives

ISPRMDC Pre-Conference Presenters and LIH Healthcare Executives

The sponsor of the the pre-conference series, LIH Healthcare, is a leading rehabilitation provider in China, with multiple clinics in major cities including Beijing and Shanghai. In 2016, LIH Healthcare will open Shenzhen LIH Olivia’s Place, followed by Kunming SkyCity Rehablitation Hospital, the first large-scale rehabilitation hospital in southwestern China. LIH Healthcare’s mission to bring best high quality rehabilitation services and reputation for clinical and management best practices has gained the technical support of many national and international experts including the clinical experts represented on the company’s Consulting Advisory Board and Technical Advisory Board, as well as partner organizations including Children’s Specialized Hospital (New Jersey, US) and Montefiore Medical Center, (New York, US).

LIH HealthCare Brings Train the Trainer Model to Chinese Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

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“It exceeds far beyond my expectation; it is truly a training program that separates from most of the so called ‘training’ offered in the market these days.”

                                                      – Mr. Qian, training participant


The first Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Theory and Clinical Procedure Training Program came to a close on 30 July 2016 in Beijing. Instructed by a team of 14 highly distinguished trainers including Dr. Matthew Bartels, Chairman of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at Montefiore Medical Center/Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Professor Dayi Hu, Chairman of China Heart Federation, and Professor Leming Wang, Managing Director of Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, the 7-day program has received record attention from the cardiopulmonary rehabilitation professional community and a well-established reputation since the first day of the training.

Training participants were the 61 national finalists selected from 200 applicants to join the first pilot program. All of them are current clinicians such as physicians, nurses, and therapists, as well as hospital administrators. By the end of the training, qualified graduates were awarded with the joint graduation certificate to become certified trainers recognized by LIH Healthcare, China Heart Federation, Montefiore Medical Center, and Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine.


Dr. Matthew Bartels, Member of the LIH Healthcare Consulting Advisory Board, teaching on the first day of the training program.

Dr. Matthew Bartels, Member of the LIH Healthcare Consulting Advisory Board, teaching on the first day of the training program.

High-Ranking Trainer Brings Quality and Perfection

“Dr. Matthew Bartels attracted crowds of training participants after the class,” said Dr. Jie Zhang, Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development and Director of Clinical Liaison Leadership at LIH Healthcare. Cultural differences are commonly seen as a challenge for many western rehabilitation trainers in the larger context of China’s medical environment. Dr. Bartels is well aware of the challenge and capable of bringing effective learning to Chinese audiences by collaborating with prestigious healthcare organizations in the local market. “Dr. Bartels is highly engaged with Chinese training participants, and is also well-guided thanks to the successful collaboration with our professional training team”, remarked Dr. Zhang.

Training participants expressed their opinion of the course on the post-training satisfaction survey. The training sessions led by Dr. Bartels claimed 100.00% satisfaction rate from 51 out of 61 training participants on almost all teaching topics.


Dr. Bartels conducting an Incremental Shuttle Walk Test with a training participant

Dr. Bartels conducting an Incremental Shuttle Walk Test with a training participant

Strong Emphasis on Practical Experience

As the key architect and instructor of this training program, Dr. Bartels is well recognized in the world of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.  His teaching format stretched from lecture presentations to practical learning through case discussion and demonstration. Training participants gained a wealth of knowledge by having intense case discussion with their team members with a side selection of scenarios varying from hospital-based outpatient programs to home-based cardiac programs. In the session of Basic Exercise Physiology for Cardiac Rehabilitation, training participants were instructed by Dr. Bartels on the Incremental Shuttle Walk Test to strengthen their knowledge of aerobic training.


Participants discuss analysis of a 6-minute walking test provided to an 80-year-old patient.

Participants discuss analysis of a 6-minute walking test provided to an 80-year-old patient.

“It is actually a far better result than attending professional conferences overseas, the training has been a very effective learning experience in many different ways.”

-Ms. Liu, training participant

Due to the practical theme of the training, many participants found it extremely beneficial to have frequent opportunities to exchange ideas between instructors and fellow students, which consisted of experienced healthcare professionals from diverse disciplines, departments and backgrounds. Most of the practical experiences were closely integrated with clinical scenarios with specific and detailed explanations to demonstrate the mapping process of clinical reasoning and diagnosis.


The Future of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Training in China

Through examining the situation of limited highly qualified cardiopulmonary rehabilitation training resources in China, LIH Healthcare recognizes that the future of cardiopulmonary rehabilitation here will be realized through the delivery of high quality training services that offer participants the opportunity to gain professional skill and hone their expertise. LIH Healthcare believes in the value of investing in the development of China’s rehabilitation healthcare professionals and will continue its strong commitment to increase professionalism in the rehabilitation community in China.