Dr. Chuck Dietzen

Visiting Physicians Empower Shenzhen Team

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Training is a key “know how” at LIH Olivia’s Place and professional development and clinical education are central to our success and the success of the families with whom we work. Our March visiting physician at LIH Olivia’s Place Shenzhen was Dr. Chuck Dietzen who acted as a consultant to encourage our clinicians in methods to better understand and realize our mission of high-quality, evidence-based, and inter-disciplinary rehabilitation. Most recently arriving from his duties at the Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University (IU) Health, Dr. Dietzen has extensive experience in managing and building medical inter-disciplinary cooperation and provided a window into the effectiveness of a fun pediatric environment. He is a creative thinker and practices as a rehabilitation physician. He is also a teacher of both occupational therapy and physical therapy so as he attended case study meetings and consulted with many of our team members; he was an excellent guide for interdisciplinary work.


Dr. Cheema-Hasan, Visiting Physician, meets with the clinical team at LIH Olivia's Place Shenzhen

Dr. Cheema-Hasan, Visiting Physician, meets with the clinical team at LIH Olivia’s Place Shenzhen

In April, we were pleased to welcome Dr. Cheema-Hasan from the Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Rhode Island Hospital as a visiting physician. Dr. Cheema-Hasan provided clinical training in some areas of expertise including current research and practice with autism spectrum disorder, and early intervention for high-risk and premature infants. She has been a recipient of a Maternal and Child Health Training Program Grant from Spotlight for Autism Awareness 2015 and brings a fresh perspective to the scheduled training sessions with Shenzhen clinicians. Dr. Cheema-Hasan will return to the Shenzhen clinic one week per month and will be available for consultation with clients.

2016 China-US DBP Academic Seminar Held in Beijing

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The “Beijing Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Forum” and “2016 China-U.S. Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Academic Seminar” were successfully held at Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital on 14 October 2016. This seminar was organized by the Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Group of the Beijing Medical Association Pediatrics Branch, Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital, and LIH Olivia’s Place.


LIH Olivia’s Place invited developmental behavioral and rehabilitation pediatricians from Indiana University to introduce progress in developmental behavioral pediatrics, attracting numerous professionals, pediatricians, and therapists. This seminar was supported by Director Liang Aimin, Vice-Chairman of the Group of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics of the Pediatrics Branch of Beijing Medical Association. President Du Zhongdong and President Meng Zhansong from Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital participated, as well as professionals from pediatric rehabilitation departments, and Hu Dai, Managing Director of LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing. President Du gave remarks on behalf of Qin Jiong, Chairman of the Beijing Medical Association, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Group.


The academic seminar provided a collegial atmosphere. Firstly, Dr. Deanna Willis, Vice Chair of Research, Department of Family Medicine, Indiana University Health, introduced “How to Improve Medical Quality,” and “How to study the Impact of Customer Requirements on Customer Satisfaction by Application of the Kano Model,” She discussed the significance of change and summarized eight steps to successful change.

Dr. Deborah Hamby, expert in developmental behavioral pediatrics and neural rehabilitation at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indiana, shared information on evaluation and treatment of children with Down syndrome. Dr. Charles Dietzen, who specializes in pediatric rehabilitation at IU Health, discussed “Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Management.” Dr. Fengyi Kuo, Occupational Therapist at LIH Olivia’s Place, presented on the topics of “Family-centered Early Intervention and Therapy for Autistic Children” and “Sensory Integration.”

At the conclusion of the seminar, Director Liang Aimin commented that the success of this seminar has not only promoted academic communication between Chinese and American developmental behavioral pediatricians. The event provided motivation for clinicians specializing in developmental and rehabilitative pediatrics to follow, learn, and apply advanced technology trends.