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Indiana University School of Medicine Visits LIH Olivia’s Place

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Indiana University School of Medicine Faculty & Residents

Indiana University School of Medicine Faculty & Residents

In November 2015 a group of eight Indiana University School of Medicine faculty and residents visited LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing. The group was led by Dr. Deborah Hamby, Assistant Professor of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Indiana University, Dr. Deanna Willis, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, and Dr. Charles Dietzen, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Rehabilitation at Indiana University. They were joined by five resident from pediatrics, internal medicine, and family medicine. They visited our facility and held discussions with our team about potential areas of cooperation on November 6.


The team of faculty has been bringing medical residents to China for the last five years to work in welfare centers in southern China, providing assessments and treatment for children with complex medical needs. After visiting LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing they travelled to Guangxi and Guangdong to work in several welfare centers there. On November 14, 2015 they returned to Beijing and Dr. Dietzen and Dr. Hamby held a half day of training at LIH Olivia’s Place for doctors from major Beijing public hospitals on  spasticity management and rehabilitation of pediatric traumatic brain injury. Dr. Liu Li, the Director of the Beijing Children’s Hospital Well Child Department, attended the training and joined Olivia’s Place and the IU team for a lunch afterwards, at which they discussed opportunities for collaboration between the three entities on training and research in the future.