Clinical Training a Focus in May and June

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China-US Pediatric Rehabilitation Forum
Over a hundred general and developmental-behavioral pediatricians, pediatric therapists, and pediatric researchers attended a China-US Pediatric Rehabilitation Forum on May 11 and 12 at Kunming LIH SkyCity Training Center. Attendees engaged in dialogue, formal training, and demonstration and clinical observation to improve the quality of pediatric rehabilitation services in Yunnan province.

LIH Healthcare invited Dr. Chuck Dietzen, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine, Riley Children’s Hospital, Indiana University School of Medicine; Dr. Francisco Angulo Parker, a well-known pediatric rehabilitation medicine doctor; Dr. Fengyi Kuo, Clinical Manager at Kunming LIH SkyCity Hospital and LIH Healthcare Occupational Therapy Lead; Dr. Ao Lijuan of Kunming Medical University, Vice President of Rehabilitation College; and Ms. Liu Yun, Director of Kunming Children’s Hospital, Rehabilitation Department.

Presenters and attendees discussed together on children’s rehabilitation, weight management in children, children with brain damage, spasm management for children with cerebral palsy, and prosthetics. Advanced techniques and skills were demonstrated through case study, demonstration, and clinical observation.

GDS-C Training Participants in Beijing

GDS-C Training Participants in Beijing

Griffiths Certification Training
Certification training for the Griffiths Developmental Scales-Chinese (GDS-C) was held on 17 May at Kunming LIH SkyCity Hospital and on 24 May at LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing. Over 40 pediatric professionals were certified through this 3-day intensive training, which followed strict ARICD standards.

The training addresses not only theory but also practical skills. In order to be certified, each trainee is asked to test a child under supervision. Training for the Griffiths assessments (GDS-C, GDMS-2) is standardized across countries, which is one of the reasons that the Griffiths assessments have become known as a gold standard in developmental assessment.

Dr. Denise Challis with the GDS-C.

Dr. Denise Challis with the GDS-C.

As the key instructor, Dr. Challis, the former president of ARICD, highly praised this training, and is confident in further development of Griffiths assessments in China. She stated that LIH Healthcare is a reliable partner with an understanding of the depth of the training program and rich clinical experience; making it uniquely qualified as the exclusive distributor the of the Griffiths assessments in Greater China.

Griffiths training will be offered again in the latter half of 2017 across multiple cities in China, including Shanghai and Shenzhen. For more information, please contact Jingyi Wu, LIH Healthcare Training Specialist, jingyi.wu@lih-healthcare.com.

Distinguished presenters at the Chronic Pain Management Summit

Distinguished presenters at the Chronic Pain Management Summit

Chronic Pain Management and Rehabilitation Summit
On 3-4 June, leading Chinese American rehabilitation experts, the present chief of the American Association of Chinese Rehabilitation Physicians (AACRP), Dr. Hong Wu; and Dr. Gloria Liu, clinical assistant professor at Duke University, and Dr. Ao Lijun of Kunming Medical University visited Kunming LIH SkyCity Hospital for a Chronic Pain Management and Rehabilitation Summit. The event covered various topics including evidence-based management of chronic low back pain and current guidelines, application of type A botulinum toxin in clinical management of neuropathic pain, and cervical and thoracic pain management. In addition to discussions, case study, demonstration and practice workshops, special international outpatient services were delivered to the local Kunming community.


Workshop on Spasm Management for Children with CP
Professor Heakyung Kim from the Rehabilitation Medicine and Pediatrics department of Columbia University Medical Center and Dr. Ao Lijuan, the vice president of Kunming Medical University, Rehabilitation College, were invited to present a workshop event including presentation and clinical demonstration on the the topic of spasm management for children with cerebral palsy, including botulism toxin injection. The training was held on 11 June at Kunming LIH SkyCity Hospital. In addition, Dr. Kim provided consultation to patients in the hospital’s outpatient service on 12-13.

Formal Assessments for 4!

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Shanghai LIH Olivia’s Place worked together last month with a local cerebral palsy foundation to support a family with quadruplets diagnosed at birth with cerebral palsy. The family is from Anhui province and the four children are now almost 3 years old. Until now, they have had limited resources for assessment and therapy.

Lis Ringrose, Physical  Therapist

Lis Ringrose, Physical Therapist

On the morning of March 29, we warmly welcomed the family and CP foundation staff at Shanghai LIH Olivia’s Place. Our multi-disciplinary team had carefully planned for the visit over the previous two weeks. Speech Therapists Yi Lien and Shirley Zhou, Occupational Therapist Anna Tan Pascual, Physical Therapists Lis Ringrose and Zili Wang, and Counselor JingJing Du participated in the assessment. Led by Clinical Manager Dr. Becci Dow, the assessment of four siblings proceeded in a very orderly way and the children were immediately comfortable with our team. The whole family was relaxed, enjoyed the toys offered as part of the assessment, and interacted well with the evaluators.


quads 2The team used several formal assessment tools including the Hawaii Early Learning Profile (HELP), Rossetti Infant Toddler Language Scale, and the Preschool Language Scales (PLS-5) to gather information about the children’s development. After the assessment, the family’s therapy team met with the parents and the volunteer who accompanied them on their trip to Shanghai. The therapists provided advice on daily activities the family can do to help their children’s developmental needs. A formal written report will also be provided for each child.


A reporter from an Anhui TV station accompanied the family during their visit and interviewed our CEO, Nelson Chow, and the family’s therapy team. Video of the family’s time at LIH Olivia’s Place will be aired in Anhui in the future.group quads (2)

Eliott’s Corner PT Presents on Orthotics and Children with CP

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In September, Eliott’s Corner Physical Therapist Marc Innerhofer was invited to speak at an event hosted by Ottobock, a leading international provider of orthotics and prostheses, at the 2014 China International Rehabilitation Equipment Exhibition in (Zhengzhou).  Over 100 Chinese rehabilitation specialists attended the presentation.

Orthotics are supports, braces or splints used to support or correct the position of a foot. Marc talked about the significant role orthotics play in enhancing the quality of life for children with cerebral palsy. By enhancing mobility, orthotics improve children’s physical independence; furthermore, they allows children to take the focus off mobility and onto family time, play time, building relationships and pursuing interests.

Some ways orthotics can help children with CP include:

- Improve independence by enhancing mobility

- Correcting and or preventing future skeletal deformity

- Reduce fatigue by improving energy expenditure during functional movements

- Reduce the likelihood of a fall, or an injury

- Take the focus off mobility and onto family time, play time, building relationships and pursuing interests