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Beijing Clinical Team Gives Generously in Their Community

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In the last three months of 2015, the clinical team at LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing contributed an amazing amount of time and skill to pro bono work. Here we provide some brief statistics to help give you an idea of their dedication to the communities we serve:


Speech and Language Therapy

  • The speech-language team, led by Chelsey Contillo, provided 16 hours of direct therapy to children from Bethel, including Yu Lin, as seen in the photo below.
    Chelsey Contillo, SLP, Beijing, with YuLin

    Chelsey Contillo, SLP, Beijing, with YuLin

    LIH Olivia's Place Beijing Speech  Therapist Peng Bo works with a child from Bethel

    LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing Speech Therapist Peng Bo works with a child from Bethel

    PB TTY + WY Bethel


  • They also provided an on-site training on early language development to the therapy and ‘house’ ayis at Shepherd’s Field, followed by 4 evaluations for new children. Thanks to Frangie Yan, Client Care Coordinator, and Speech Therapists PengBo and Tessie for their great input to this day. The feedback from Shepherd’s Field was overwhelmingly positive and they are hoping to have Chelsey and team back again for more training and therapy in the new year.


Physical Therapy

  • The PT team, consisting only of Marc Innerhofer, provided 10 hours of direct therapy to a young boy from Morning Star, who is reported to be making great progress under Marc’s guidance. Marc also managed to provide another 12 hours of direct therapy at the clinic to children from Shepard’s Field.


Occupational Therapy    

  • OT Eva Ma, alongside PT Marc Innerhofer, provided another 12 hours of direct therapy in a multidisciplinary approach to a group of 4 children in total, with assistance from OT Jessie.  Shepard’s Field was so impressed with our team that they even featured them in their own newsletter!!
    Marc Innerfhofer (PT) and Eva Ma (OT) with children from Shepherd's Field at LIH Olivia's Place Beijing

    Marc Innerfhofer (PT) and Eva Ma (OT) with children from Shepherd’s Field at LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing

  • Eva also gavetime to travel all the way to Jinningnan in Inner Mongolia to visit a welfare center with which we have developed a strong partnership. She spent a day there, with translation and assistance from TingTing Yan, Junior Occupational Therapist, to see a number of children. They travelled there and back on the night train and Eva still managed to come to work the next day!!
  • Occupational Therapist Sorcha Ni Chadhain (assisted by Occupational Therapists TingTing and Tessie) provided another 16 hours of direct therapy to children from Bethel. Some children were seen in a very effective multi-disciplinary approach alongside the speech team, while others received individual input.



SO……..that’s a total of:

66 hours of direct therapy!!!!!!

1 full day Speech and Language Training

1 full Occupational Therapy consultation

2 very long train rides

and a large number of happy children and carers!

LIH Chairman of the Board Speaks at CARM Beijing Forum

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On December 15, 2015, the Sixth National Membership Representative Conference of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation Medical Innovation and Development Forum in 2015 were held at the Beijing International Conference Center. This event is one of the largest and most important nationwide gatherings of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine.


Mr. Changsen Sun, President, LIH, address the CARM forum in Beijing

Mr. Changsen Sun, President, LIH, address the CARM forum in Beijing

Mr. Changsen Sun, Chairman of the Board for LIH Investment&Management (LIH), was invited to present at the forum on ” Rehabilitation Hospital Development and Medical – Nursing Combined Institutional Care,” speaking on Opportunities of Medical Rehabilitation Investment and Challenges of Rehabilitation Hospital Development.”


Mr. Sun remarked that promoted by government policy, the rehabilitation medical market has embraced more opportunities. From the beginning of 2010, rehabilitation and related fields have received more policy support and the effect of this incentive has been remarkable. Many domestic and foreign enterprises and institutions are currently involved in multi-investor hospital development. Though there is huge potential demand for rehabilitation services, with an aging population an important driving factor, the market is still in the primary stage. Rehabilitation medical institutions face many challenges to growth in China, the biggest of which is to develop sustainable commercial models.


Sun 2During his presentation, Mr. Sun explained that he believes that successful rehabilitation providers will have three core capabilities: rehabilitation medicine technology, solid management operating systems, and training and education systems. LIH integrates investment, management, and operations to establish quality rehabilitation hospitals and clinics. In the field of children’s rehabilitation, LIH Olivia’s Place opened its doors in Beijing in September 2015. in the next three years, another five LIH Olivia’s Place pediatric clinics will be established, including Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Chengdu. In January 2014, in the comprehensive medical rehabilitation field, LIH founded Kunming RUIQIDE Rehabilitation Center by LIH investment&management. At the same time, TIANCHENG international rehabilitation hospital in Yunnan will open in June 2016. Over the next three years, LIH will cooperate with acute care hospitals to operate five comprehensive rehabilitation centers.


Mr. Sun interacts with attendees during Q&A

Mr. Sun interacts with attendees during Q&A

To further the three core capabilities, LIH has solidified strategic partnerships leading international medical institutions, Children’s Specialized Hospital (New Jersey, US) and Montefiore Medical Center (New York, US) on medical technology, operation and management, education and training. At the same time, LIH has focused on innovation and professionalism through our Technical Advisory Board and Consulting Advisory Board, networks of international experts, and pursued extensive technical cooperation with many domestic and international rehabilitation institutions.

LIH Olivia’s Place OTs Stand Out at CARM Conference

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CARM Group_KRTThe 5th National Conference of Occupational Therapists of the Chinese Association of Rehabilitation Medicine (CARM) was held at Jiamusi University in December 2015. This is the highest-level OT conference in China and it is held every 4 years. During the conference there are 2 major events, The first is that and all major positions for the Chinese OT Committee are elected for a 4-year term. This year, LIH Olivia’s Place’s Hu Dai, Occupational Therapist and Director of Education and Training, was re-elected vice president for another 4 years.


Kristi  Troutman, LIH Olivia's Place OT & Clinican Manager (Beijing) presents at CARM

Kristi Troutman, LIH Olivia’s Place OT & Clinican Manager (Beijing) presents at CARM

Also at the conference, a series of pediatric workshops was held. Kristi Troutman, LIH Olivia’s Place Occupational Therapist and Clinical Manager (Beijing), delivered two sessions, “Therapeutic Use of Play” and “Interdisciplinary Approach in Pediatric Care: A Case Study.” Both sessions were well received and evaluated highly. Over 60 committee members and another 150 OT practitioners and educators from all over the country participated in the conference.

I Want to Have a Home!

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Heidi Gao, Marketing & Training Manager (Shanghai)

Heidi Gao, Marketing & Training Manager (Shanghai)

Timmy is a 12-year-old boy who was born in August 2003 in Hunan Province. He was abandoned shortly after he was born and has lived at a welfare center called Spring Service Center Sunbird Home in HengYang City (湖南省衡阳市春天服务中心太阳鸟之家ICC) his entire life.

Jamie Fanelli and Timmy

Jamie Fanelli and Timmy

We were connected with Timmy by Evelin Tai at Baobei Foundation and Laura Lofy, Psychology Lead, LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing. Timmy came to Baobei Foundation in January 2015 due to dizziness, vomiting, and limited mobility. It turned out he had a large brain tumor and severe hydrocephalus. When he first came to the hospital in Shanghai, the neurosurgeon took one look at his scans and declared Timmy lucky to be alive. During the first surgery, the surgical team inserted a shunt in Timmy’s skull to relive the life-threatening build-up of pressure on his brain. His life was saved now. In February he had his second surgery to remove the brain tumor. After four painstaking hours, the tumor was successfully removed. Timmy endured a lot during this time, but he showed everyone that is extraordinarily brave, optimistic, and well-mannered. After two surgeries, Timmy started his long journey towards recovery. He has been re-learning how to walk and talk, functions which were damaged by the tumor. With a lot of encouragement and help, Timmy has regained many of his gross and fine motor skills; now he can feed himself, speak in complete sentences, and read and write Chinese well.


Timmy 2 Timmy 3When asked if he would like to find a permanent family, he replied: “I would love to, but one hasn’t showed up yet.” In China, a child must be adopted before they reach the age of 14. Laura Lofy and Evelin Tai began working with me and Fanelli, LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai, in November 2015 to  increase Timmy’s chances of finding a family. Timmy would be visiting Shanghai for medical check-ups and we hoped to take some videos and complete some assessments to help him to prepare advocacy posts. Jamie Fanelli, Lead Learning & Behavior Support Specialist, and I went to visit Timmy, who was staying with an Amerian family in Jinqiao, Shanghai, on Dec 10. We were so excited to meet Timmy. To be honest, both of us were so surprised when we first met Timmy – He is so lovely, extremely smart, talented, and nice. He talked to us, joked with us all the time, and showed us pictures he drew – he is a real artist.

Timmy completes assessments with Jamie Fanelli

Timmy completes assessments with Jamie Fanelli

During the visit, we took a lot videos, had really great interaction with him, and we also did a nonverbal IQ test to get as much information as we could that would be helpful to advocate for him. During the formal IQ assessment, Timmy showed us how patient he is; he always tried hard before he reached out to us for help. Timmy’s learning abilities were damaged by the brain tumor, but we were so surprised and touched by seeing how great he did during the assessment and how hard he tried.

Our mission of providing therapy and pediatric services for all children in China means that LIH Olivia’s Place is dedicated to  helping children regain their life and learning abilities to the greatest extent possible, to help them reach their full potential, to help them to have a better life. We were touched and learned a lot from this good-natured, brave, cooperative, lovely, and positive boy during this short time we spent with him.

Timmy's art work

Timmy’s art work

To learn more about Timmy, please contact Laura Lofy.


LIH Olivia’s Place OT Presents on Disaster Recovery in Taiwan

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Fengyi Kuo with Dr. Chen, TOTA President, in Taipei, Taiwan

Fengyi Kuo with Dr. Chen, TOTA President, in Taipei, Taiwan

On December 11th—13th, 2015, the Taiwan Occupational Therapy Association (TOTA) hosted the 1st International Conference of Evidence Based Practice in Taipei.  Fengyi Kuo, LIH Olivia’s Place Occupational Therapist and an international expert in disaster recovery, was invited to be one of its keynote speakers to discuss post-disaster psychological rehabilitation services in support of TOTA and the Taiwan Ministry of Health and Welfare’s national effort in responding to the critical physical and mental health needs of burn survivors injured by the Formosa Water Park explosion.  The explosion happened in the hot evening hours of June 27th, 2015 in New Taipei City when hundreds of teens and young adults cheerfully gathered in the water park for what was supposed to be a fun and entertaining “Color Play Asia” event.


The explosion, apparently caused by flammable cornstarch powder that was sprayed over the crowd, left five hundred injured, with more than two hundred severely burned.  Burn patients who were seriously injured endured dozens of surgeries within the first month.  The surgeries were not cosmetic, but rather saved patients’ lives by removing dead skin before it could become infected and cause sepsis.  Each surgery was a tremendous challenge, requiring careful choreography just to transport each patient to the operating room, which had to be heated to 85 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the body warm.  Burned skin was cut off and replaced with temporary grafts of pig or cadaver skin, each lasting for only a few weeks.  Depending on the body surface burned, the skin from the few places that had not been burned would be allowed to regrow, and be then harvested again and again.  Many of the patients had inhaled the flammable powder, which also damaged their respiratory tract and internal organs.


Six months after what has been called the most serious accident in the history of Taiwan outdoor events, the burn survivors’ rehabilitation journey may have just began.  This is a painful and at times unbearable journey of recovery that often causes major depression and suicidal thoughts among burn survivors.  Passionate about community-based program development and evaluation, Fengyi was able to share her professional experience in post-disaster recovery at the conference and discuss the importance of addressing mental health needs of the survivors through burn rehabilitation.


Fengyi maintains several advanced certifications, including Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) presented by the US Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association, and Global Mental Health Trauma and Recovery awarded by Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma Certificate awarded by the Harvard Program in Refugee trauma (HPRT) and the Harvard Division of Continuing Medical Education.

Our Therapists Provide Support through Kunshan JiaJe Rehab Center

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LIH Olivia’s Place therapists from around the world come to China because they are dedicated to our vision to make therapy universally available in China. Kunshan JiaJie Rehabilitation Center is the designated rehabilitation service provider for KunShan Disabled People Federation and a cooperating organization of the Shanghai Disabled People Rehabilitation and Vocational Training Center. In May 2015, Canadian-trained and licensed Physical Therapist Zili Wang attended the 25th National Disabled People Day held by KunShan JiaJie Rehab Center to provide pro bono consultation. In October 2015, LIH Olivia’s Place team members Fengyi Kuo, Occupational Therapist (US) and Physical Therapist Zili Wang (Canada) presented information to parents and again provided pro bono consultation at KunShan JiaJie Rehab Center. In November 2015, Ms. Kuo gave another public lecture at the center on “Early Intervention & Family Centered Care for Children with Disabilities: An inter-disciplinary team approach.”

Beijing Children’s Hospital & LIH Olivia’s Place Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On December 4, 2015, the Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital,Capital Medical University, and LIH Olivia’s Place signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Changhe, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech about LIH Olivia’s Place’s provision of inter-disciplinary care which meets or exceeds international standards for high quality medical and therapy services for children.


Director Fang Fang, Beijing Children's Hospital Department of  Neurology and Nelson Chow, CEO, LIH Changhe

Director Fang Fang, Beijing Children’s Hospital Department of Neurology and Nelson Chow, CEO, LIH Changhe

BJ Childrens 1

Director Fang Fang, delivered a touching speech on behalf of the Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital and Capital Medical University. She said that they had made a careful medical and academic investigation and found LIH Olivia’s Place to be a strong and trustworthy medical institution. Our newly established cooperation will support the care and development of the children and families we serve.

SSRC Parents Learn About Positive Behavior Support

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Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center (SSRC) is the largest and most comprehensive nonprofit local rehabilitation center in East China. The center was unveiled in 2007 by Xi Jinping, former Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Hui Liangyu, the former Vice Premier. SSRC is located in Songjiang District and has over 300 beds. The center specializes in pediatric rehabilitation, neurological rehabilitation, orthopedic trauma, and sports rehabilitation. The site also contains the training center for the Shanghai Special Olympics.


Sunshine 3 Sunshine 6In December 2015, the staff at Sunshine invited Jamie Fanelli, Lead Learning Support and Behavior Specialist, to return to the center and give a workshop on positive behavior support. Several families attended as well as the clinicians from the center’s pediatric therapy department. The first part of the workshop reviewed the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and introduced some key concepts to understanding and addressing children’s behavior. Jamie then introduced evidence-based strategies for promoting positive behaviors and teaching new skills. The workshop was a success, as several of the parents who attended shared their child’s behavior problems and asked informative questions. The length of the workshop was extended and many families stayed after to further discuss strategies with Jamie. She noted that it was an especially rewarding experience as many of the parents who attended were brought up with more punitive forms of discipline and had never heard of positive reinforcement and how it could be applied in everyday life. A few of families commented on how eager they were to further research the topic.

Indiana University School of Medicine Visits LIH Olivia’s Place

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Indiana University School of Medicine Faculty & Residents

Indiana University School of Medicine Faculty & Residents

In November 2015 a group of eight Indiana University School of Medicine faculty and residents visited LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing. The group was led by Dr. Deborah Hamby, Assistant Professor of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Indiana University, Dr. Deanna Willis, Associate Professor of Family Medicine, and Dr. Charles Dietzen, Assistant Professor of Pediatric Rehabilitation at Indiana University. They were joined by five resident from pediatrics, internal medicine, and family medicine. They visited our facility and held discussions with our team about potential areas of cooperation on November 6.


The team of faculty has been bringing medical residents to China for the last five years to work in welfare centers in southern China, providing assessments and treatment for children with complex medical needs. After visiting LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing they travelled to Guangxi and Guangdong to work in several welfare centers there. On November 14, 2015 they returned to Beijing and Dr. Dietzen and Dr. Hamby held a half day of training at LIH Olivia’s Place for doctors from major Beijing public hospitals on  spasticity management and rehabilitation of pediatric traumatic brain injury. Dr. Liu Li, the Director of the Beijing Children’s Hospital Well Child Department, attended the training and joined Olivia’s Place and the IU team for a lunch afterwards, at which they discussed opportunities for collaboration between the three entities on training and research in the future.

Family Education Support through a Growing Partnership

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The Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital (BJCH) is one of the leading pediatric neurology departments in our country, which has been existed for more than forty years. This department has complete professional disciplines with advanced technical skills. They have accumulated rich clinical experience in both common and rare diseases of pediatric neurology. The outpatient service is filled with patients of varying difficult cases. In 2013, there were more 110,000 outpatient visits to the department. . This Department is responsible for training and teaching doctors of pediatrics for Capital Medical University and the Inpatient Department of Beijing Pediatric Hospital. To provide parents with more knowledge and improve the communication and exchange of information between BJCH and LIH Olivia’s Place, we decide to carry out joint training for parents.

LIH Olivia’s Place specializes in children’s development, behavior, and rehabilitation for children and adolescents ages birth to 18 years of age. The Beijing clinic offers an international multi-disciplinary team (developmental behavioral pediatricians, pediatric neurology, pediatric rehabilitation physicians, clinical and educational psychologists, and an therapy team composed of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, and behavioral therapists.

In order to give full play to the respective advantages of both BJCH and LIH Olivia’s Place and provide the highest quality medical services for children and parents, we established a team of experts to organize public scientific knowledge training, take advantage of technical experts, create a platform to provide parents with training and knowledge about their child’s diagnosis, how to support their child’s independence and education, and other aspects of growth and development. This training model allows for organic interaction between medical intervention and family education support for children.

BJCH Partnership 1In 2015, the partnership successfully implemented three training activities. The first was a physical therapy presentation in March by Dr. Lisa Kenyon(PT, associated professor, Grand Valley State University, who provided case-based teaching with three children. The second was for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in April; the presenter was Edna Elisabeth Nyang(CCC-SLP, Speech- Language Pathologist, LIH Olivia’s Place), Finally, Dr. Mease (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, LIH Olivia’s Place) presented additional information for parents of children with ASD in June. The initial three training events were very successful, with both doctors and parents speaking highly of their experience.

In 20016, LIH Olivia’s Place and the Neurology Department of BJCH are planning to continue this partnership to empower parents through training. The training plan for the first six months of 2016 includes 21 training sessions, with topics covering autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and cerebral palsy.

To learn more about this program or to obtain information on the training schedule and registration, please contact Yangshaoun at