Providing Community Based Training in ZhengZhou

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ZICW2 (2)Excerpts from an email from Teacher Liu of ZhengZhou Institute for Children’s Welfare (ZICW), dated 29 April 2016:





Through the previous 3 trainings given by Ms. Anna, we have great progress on specialized knowledge and operative skills. We are also encouraged by Anna’s high enthusiasm for the work and her personal charisma. We appreciated Anna’s contributions.

Every time Anna arrived in the middle of the night and started the training in the early morning the 2nd day of her arrival; she did not take rest at noon and worked very hard. I thank for your selfless help and encouragement on behalf of our institute and 850 children.



ZICW1 (2)Since last October, Anna Tan Pascual, Occupational Therapy Team Lead at LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai, has traveled to ZICW once a season to train their teachers. Using her weekends, Anna departs for Zhengzhou on a Thursday evening, provides training on Friday and Saturday, and returns to Shanghai on Saturday evening. She has given training on the role of occupational therapists and how OT’s work, developing fine motor skills in children, and sensory processing systems and disorders. She has also shared her extensive knowledge of working with blind and low-vision children. In addition, there have been opportunities to provide assessment and therapy demonstrations for the Zhengzhou team. In between two face to face workshop, Anna arranged an online video Question & Answer session. Teachers at ZICW sent their questions first, for Anna to review. Anna emailed replies for their staff to review and offered further discussion in the online Q&A. Anna’s efforts were supported by a bilingual LIH Olivia’s Place Communications Team.


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This is the example of LIH Olivia’s Place education outreach for a community-based organization. We share ZICW’s vision of making China a great place for children. If your organization’s mission is to serve children with developmental or rehabilitative needs, we are also happy to discuss partnerships to provide a customized program to meet your needs.