New Services for Premature and “At Risk” Infants and Their Families

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Babies who are born prematurely or who experience complications at birth have a higher risk of developing more slowly than their peers and/or having associated problems with their development. It is important to monitor the development of these children closely so any problems that may arise can be identified and addressed early and effectively. Pediatric physical and occupational therapists are specifically trained to do detailed development checks that are not included in a typical well baby check-up.

Olivia’s Place will offer an Infant-Toddler Developmental Follow-Up Program that will provide parents with the opportunity to meet with pediatric physical and occupational therapists during one appointment. In addition to a complete history and developmental assessment using standardized assessment tools, the appointments in our Infant-Toddler Developmental Follow-up Program provide time for parents and caregivers to discuss any concerns they have about their baby’s development. If no significant problems are identified, suggestions will still be given to parents to promote their baby’s development. Treatment or therapy for any problems discovered will be offered, as well as any necessary referrals to specialists.

The Olivia’s Place Infant-Toddler Developmental Follow-Up Program brings an additional resource to the pediatric services available to parents and medical professionals in Shanghai to ensure that all infants get the very best start.  To make an Infant-Toddler Developmental Follow-up Program appointment or to learn more about the services offered through the program, please contact us via email or at 5404-0058.