Nelson Chow & Shawn Yang Featured on CCTV’s “Crossover”

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Crossover is a CCTV cross-cultural lifestyle English-language talk show that celebrates and explores life in China. Hosts discuss the most exciting issues of the day. Hot topics in news that feature the best experts in their field, celebrity interviews, and general entertainment are all part of Crossover.

Shawn Yang, a member of the LIH Healthcare communications team, was invited to “Crossover” on 23 March 2016. Shawn was diagnosed with progressive muscular dystrophy when he was eight years old and was not given an optimistic prognosis for his future. Years later, this diagnosis does not affect his outlook on life or his work at LIH Healthcare. Shawn is responsible for organizing the training for parents through LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing and uses his excellent self-taught English skills to communicate with international clinicians working at and visiting LIH Olivia’s Place. Because of his own life experience, Shawn takes his job very seriously. He knows that the professional training of parents and high-quality rehabilitation services mean a lot to children with special needs and their families.

Nelson Chow and Shawn Yang speak with the hosts of CCTV's Crossover.

Nelson Chow and Shawn Yang speak with the hosts of CCTV’s Crossover.

Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Healthcare and a founder of LIH Olivia`s Place, attended the show with Shawn. Nelson’s daughter, Olivia, is the namesake for LIH Olivia’s Place. Olivia was born with Down syndrome. In order to help Olivia and all children with special needs in China obtain high quality pediatric services, Nelson started Olivia`s Place, where he introduced advanced international rehabilitation concepts in Shanghai and Beijing over the last five years. Following a merger with LIH, the LIH Olivia’s Place division has plans to provide pediatric therapy and developmental behavioral medical services in several cities across China, reaching many more children and families, and hopefully changing perceptions of people with special needs as the company expands its reach.

Shawn and Nelson have both devoted themselves to the development of rehabilitation services and are excited about the role that LIH Olivia’s Place will play in a bright future for children with special needs in China.

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