LIH Olivia’s Place Visits Suzhou

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On 19 January 2016, a multi-disciplinary team from LIH Olivia’s Place was invited to visit Suzhou to introduce our family-centeredSuzhou 1 services. Participants learned about who can benefit from our services and how we work with parents and teachers to help children and students improve their learning, speech and language, motor and cognitive development, communication, and social-emotional skills.

Parents from Suzhou Singaporean School and Dulwich High School joined our hosts at Dulwich College. The workshop was attended by more than eighty participants and was delivered in English, Korean, and Mandarin Chinese.

Suzhou 2We have already begun to work with a number of Suzhou families and look forward to to continuing to support Suzhou schools and families in the future.

Our sincere thanks go to the team at Dulwich College for the warm welcome they gave to both our staff and the visitors from the other schools.