LIH Olivia’s Place Presents at Beijing Huijia Kindergarten

Olivia's Place Comments Off

Huijia 1aHuijia 3On 3 January 2017, the interdisciplinary team from LIH Olivia’s Place brought parents and teachers from Beijing Huijia Kindergarten into the very fascinating world of child development with a lecture titled “Insights into the Challenges in Children’s Life.” Focusing on topics such as lack of concentration, stuttering, and poor sitting posture, our interdisciplinary team analyzed possible causes and provided strategies and approaches from a professional perspective. From the lecture, the audience gained new ideas about children’s behavior.

“The lecture was very approachable,” one teacher said, “the speakers did a great job making complicated subjects understandable to us all, who have little knowledge in pediatric therapy and developmental and rehabilitative medicine.” During the Q&A session, the speakers received a warm response from the audiences, who actively asked questions including queries about picky eaters and procrastination. To this, our team, including occupational, physical, speech, and ABA therapists, worked together to analyze the “problematic behaviors” and give professional and practical guidance and advice from their respective areas.