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Early spring is a good season for sowing hope and spreading thoughts! On this occasion, LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing also launched a series of training and activities on pediatric development rehabilitation. We hope that by providing training to parents, teachers, and clinicians, each child has opportunity to get comprehensive and professional care and attention, to grow healthily and happily.


Parent Training at Huijia Kids: A Series Lecture on Child Development

On March 4, an interdisciplinary team from LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing provided a lecture on Children’s Challenges to teachers and parents at Huijia Kids. In the lecture, our clinicians analyzed the root causes for problems and challenges children encounter in learning and in life, shared coping strategies and suggestions, introduced a case study about an inattentive child, and explained misunderstandings about sensory integration. At the end of the lecture, clinicians showed the importance of developing and training good postures and answered all kinds of questions raised by parents. The atmosphere was very lively!

Huijia 4


Huijia 3

Rare Disease Day – Never Rare, Parent Training on SMA Basic Care and Rehabilitation

For many families with children with a rare disease, parents take good care of their child and frequently seek training and therapeutic interventions. However, during daily activities with their children, parents may not know how to use their strength appropriately. They may get hurt or even have functional problems due to the long-term care they provide. In this context, Eva K. Ma, Senior Occupational Therapist at LIH Olivia’s Place, was invited to introduce basic care and therapy knowledge, including guidance on handling and transfers. Nikola Milosevic and Liu Ping, physical therapists, also provided support and suggestions from the point of view of physical therapy.



Mother’s Day Gift – ” – Never Rare, Parent Training on SMA Basic Care and Rehabilitation

On Mother’s Day, LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing, together with babies, prepared unique gifts for mothers – showing off their motor skills in the “Crawling Game” and creating a good memory for both babies and mothers!

Mothers Day 1

Babies worked hard to “please their mothers;” parents also cooperated very well. The game came to an end with cheers. In this interactive session, parents grasped every opportunity to learn parenting skills by asking lots of questions!

 Mothers Day 2 Mothers Day 3


Training Seminar for Medical Professionals

Lead Psychologist from LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing, Dr. Lynn Tuner, introduced child development from ages 0 to 5 and red flags in each stage to medical professionals from Beijing United Family Hospital. All participants engaged in an active discussion about many specialized topics.


Teacher Training

Milind Sonawane, Therapy Director and Senior Speech-Language Therapist, introduced speech development in a multi-lingual household to teachers from several schools in Beijing.

Teacher Training_Milind

Senior Occupational Therapist Eva K. Ma presented on how to improve children’s attention and learning efficiency in class by using some simple activities.

Teacher Training_Eva