Eliott’s Corner PT Presents on Orthotics and Children with CP

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In September, Eliott’s Corner Physical Therapist Marc Innerhofer was invited to speak at an event hosted by Ottobock, a leading international provider of orthotics and prostheses, at the 2014 China International Rehabilitation Equipment Exhibition in (Zhengzhou).  Over 100 Chinese rehabilitation specialists attended the presentation.

Orthotics are supports, braces or splints used to support or correct the position of a foot. Marc talked about the significant role orthotics play in enhancing the quality of life for children with cerebral palsy. By enhancing mobility, orthotics improve children’s physical independence; furthermore, they allows children to take the focus off mobility and onto family time, play time, building relationships and pursuing interests.

Some ways orthotics can help children with CP include:

- Improve independence by enhancing mobility

- Correcting and or preventing future skeletal deformity

- Reduce fatigue by improving energy expenditure during functional movements

- Reduce the likelihood of a fall, or an injury

- Take the focus off mobility and onto family time, play time, building relationships and pursuing interests