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Handling and Positioning Techniques for Infants — How to carry your baby and encourage your baby to sit, stand and walk.


Babies are sensitive to their new early environment. Therefore, it is important to help them to adapt to this new environment. Correct handling and positioning is important for physiological development of muscles, bones and all parts of the body. It is also important for normal development of gross motor skills and neurologic development.

During this course, parents will receive information about safe and comfortable handling and positioning of their baby in order to facilitate movement and development of gross motor skills. They will also receive advice on safe positioning during the day and night (in baby’s crib, stroller, car seat etc.) and advice on safe positioning during breastfeeding and feeding.

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  • Introduction to child’s development
  • Introduction to handling and positioning techniques
  • Importance of correct handling and positioning of infants
  • Effects of proper and improper handling and positioning
  • Safety precautions
  • Practical examples and training

Target Audience: Parents and infants aged 0-1 year (grandparents and nannies are also welcome)
Type: Individual practical training for 1 baby and parents (grandparents, nannies)
Language: English and Chinese
Duration: 60-90 minutes (will adjust according to the baby’s condition)
Presenters – one or two members of Physical Therapy Team: Lenka Lukovska, MSc., Bc., PT, Physical Therapy Lead; Lexi Guo, BSc., Physical Therapist; Xin Tang, MSc., Bc., Physical Therapist
Availability: Mondays 15:00-16:30 (booking required) or based on parents’ requirements and availability
Price: Please contact us for the details

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Makaton Training with LIH Olivia’s Place

Makaton is a language program using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It’s designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order.

The Fundation Workshop provides a detailed introduction to Makaton and combines a practical approach with therapy and technical information. Lectures cover research into sign and symbol use, symbol design themes, the use and purpose of Makaton and overview of alternative systems of communication. You will learn the signs and symbols for Stages 1-4 and Additional of the Core Vocabulary.

Makaton workshops are an opportunity to learn with other people, share your experiences, receive feedback on your signing and symbol work and enables you to practice with others. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with a Makaton Tutor, who can help and support you in the future. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance, which will enable participants to continue to progress through the Makaton Workshop levels.

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Twilight Series for Teachers

The Twilight Series for Teachers at LIH Olivia’s Place is a series of educator-oriented, learning outcome-focused presentations or workshops that takes place once a month during the school year at LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai. Topics cover speech & language development and motor development for young children, behavior, learning, executive functioning, and support for children with special needs, and mental health. Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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Sunlight Series for Parents & Caregivers
The Sunlight Series, open to parents and caregivers, offers accessible bilingual information on parenting and child development in a safe and welcoming environment. Presentations will be offered in Chinese and/or will be provided with translation.

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