Dr. Ming Li Visits LIH Healthcare’s US Partner, Children’s Specialized Hospital

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In October 2016, Doctor Ming Li from Peking University First Hospital made a 2-day visit at Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH) in New Jersey, US. The visit included opportunities to meet with the management and clinical staff from CSH. As a well-established doctor and well-known scholar in the field of pediatrics, Dr. Ming Li was very satisfied with the experience and paid a high compliment to LIH Healthcare, the sponsor of the visit. “There’s nothing any better than coming and having a chance to do clinical rounds, patient observations, and exchange ideas with excellent developmental behavior pediatrics practitioners who face the same challenges. This is quite a fulfilling trip!” Dr. Li said. The visit was a first-time training collaboration between LIH Healthcare and Peking University First Hospital. Dr. Li is a Consultant Pediatric Neurologist and Associate Professor in the Department of Pediatrics at First Hospital of Peking University.