Community Outreach in September

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On Aug 20th, the Olivia’s Foundation Review Board gathered to review applications received since January 2013.  Out of 18 applications from non-governmental organizations and individual families, both local and expatriate, 8 received a financial awards worth 4,000 RMB each for therapy services at Olivia’s Place. Families may use the funds for various purposes, such as therapy or assessment services, and recipients are provided with recommendations from our therapy team to most effectively use the available funds.

Jamie Fanelli, Learning Support and Behavior Specialist, was invited to give an Applied Behavioral Analyis (ABA) workshop to over 60 local families at Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center in Songjiang District on Sept 15th.  The entire staff of the center’s pediatric therapy department attended as well.  The workshop was quite a success, as many of the parents who attended have children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and they were all very engaged and asked a lot of questions.  There are plans to provide additional training for parents and staff in this area in the fututre at Shanghai Sunshine.

In September, Marla Balzer, Physiotherapist, presented on physical independence for special education teachers and parents in ChangNing District, Shanghai.  Later in the month, Dr. Alice Fok-Trela, Clinical Psychologist, presented to the same group on promoting social and communicative behaviors for children with disabilities. Olivia’s Place was very honored to be part of  this collaboration between the public health and education communities in Shanghai.