Clinician Profile: Xiaoxia Amy Meng, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician

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Dr. Xiaoxia Amy Meng, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician, LIH Olivia's Place, Beijing

Dr. Xiaoxia Amy Meng, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrician, LIH Olivia’s Place, Beijing

Dr. Amy Meng obtained her master’s degree in pediatrics at Shanxi Medical University, China. She is a licensed pediatrician and has almost a decade of experience working with infants, children, and teens with common childhood diseases. She is now in the LIH developmental behavioral pediatric (DBP) training program.

How long have you been in China?

I am a native Chinese doctor and have been in the medical field for over 15 years and have worked in pediatrics for over 8 years. In addition to working in China, I spent a year working in pediatrics in Uganda, Africa.

Why did you choose to work at LIH Olivia’s Place?

I am a pediatrician – I love children, and have a passion for helping children with special needs, and guiding parents about parenting. LIH Olivia’s Place gives me the platform to improve my clinical skills in this field, where I can cooperate with clinician to give multi-disciplinary support for children.

Why did you choose your field?

As a pediatrician who has worked in clinical settings for years, I realize that there are huge needs from both children with special needs and parents who are willing to help their children. A significant difference can be made if early intervention is provided for children with special needs. However, there are limited learning opportunities for parents since developmental pediatrics is a relatively new field in China.

Children in China do not grow up in large families like they used to, so the family unit is very different to what today’s parents and grandparents experienced. Behavioral issues and family dynamics can impact a child’s development. Therefore, parenting skills play a significant role in children’s upbringing and education. I chose to be a developmental pediatrician because it allows me to guide parents and help children to bring out their potential.

What are some of the most rewarding experiences you have had in your chosen profession?

I feel touched whenever parents tell me their children have improved. My patients with cerebral palsy, twin sisters, one and half years old, significantly improved within a short period of time: they were able to raise their heads and move their fingers after two weeks of occupational and physical therapy. When they looked at me, my heart melted.

What’s your favorite thing about living in China/working at LIH Olivia’s Place?

My colleagues at LIH OP all work very closely, often we discuss  medical cases to give the best help for parents and children.

What would you like to be doing in 5 years?

I would still be in the field working with kids with special needs. I hope I can be a good DBP doctor.  Also I hope to have the flexibility to spend more time with family and enjoy life.