Clinician Profile: Shirley Zhou, Speech-Language Therapy Assistant

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Shirley Zhou, Speech-language Therapy Assistant, Shanghai

Shirley Zhou, Speech-language Therapy Assistant, Shanghai

Shirley graduated from East China Normal University, where she obtained her bachelor and master degrees in Speech and Hearing Science. As a student, Shirley participated in an exchange program with the Speech-Language Pathology Department of Taipei Normal School, Taiwan, where she had the opportunity to attend various training with visiting professors from Hong Kong and the US. During her seven years of education, she trained in special education schools, hospitals, and other rehabilitation organizations in Shanghai. She has treated children with hearing loss, autism, Down syndrome, developmental delay, and other conditions. Shirley is currently available to provide speech-language therapy for Chinese-speaking children LIH Olivia’s Place in Shanghai. Languages: Mandarin, English



How long have you been in China?

I have always lived in China. My hometown is Hangzhou and I moved to Shanghai in 2008 to pursue my degrees.

Why did you choose to work at LIH Olivia’s Place?

Through my experience, I am aware of the huge demand for high quality therapy in China and I want to be among those who solve this problem. I choose LIH Olivia’s Place since it has the same mission as I do. I am really attracted by the professional team and multi-disciplinary approach here. I truly believe that working here give me a unique opportunity to be more professional. And it is a great chance for me to help more children in China as a Chinese speech-language therapist.

Why did you choose your field?

Unlike many who chose this field as their major, I was assigned to Speech and Hearing Science in my first year in university. As I learned more, I gradually fell in love with my major. When I saw many children with special needs, I realized that professional knowledge and skills are the keys to help them so I decided to keep working in this field.

What are some of the most rewarding experiences you have had in your chosen profession?

Since I am still new in this field, the most rewarding experience was the first time I was recognized by parents. I helped a little girl with her phonological problem. After several sessions, her parents were so surprised when they clearly heard their daughter for the first time. This made me proud and happy.

What’s your favorite thing about working at LIH Olivia’s Place?

Working with specialists not only having professional skills but also having enthusiasm to help others is my favorite thing at LIH Olivia’s place. The therapists at LIH Olivia’s Place have a lot of volunteering experience at local welfare centers, which greatly enhanced the quality of therapy in community.

What would you like to be doing in 5 years’ time?

In the first 2-3 years, I think I need to grow from therapy assistant to speech-language pathologist. I would like to have more opportunities to work directly with children. After that, I want to do more to promote the development of the profession in China. I want to help more people understand this area, to improve the ability of Chinese therapists, and let more Chinese children meet their individual needs.