Caring for Children with Autism Parent Lecture Program

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IMG_2825The second “Caring for Autistic Children -Health Lectures for Parents of Children of Autism” was successfully held at Beijing Chiildren’s Hospital, Capital Medical University, on 28th June 2015. The lecture was jointly organized by Beijing Children Hospital Group, The Department of Neurology at Capital Medical University, the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at Capital Medical University, Beijing Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Association,Beijing Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, and LIH Olivia’s Place.


IMG_2801Dr. Fang Fang, the Director of the Department of Neurology at Beijing Children’s Hospital, and well-known pediatric neurologist, presided. Dr. Mease, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician and LIH Olivia’s Place Medical Director, gave the keynote lecture, Rearing and Accompanying Autistic Children: The Behavioral Problems of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Holding a model of the brain model in his hand, he explained autism spectrum disorders to over forty parents from across the country in simple language. Moreover, he helped them to understand and to be receptive of autism. Dr. Mease presented some behavioral problems in detail, such as sleeping, potty training, ritualistic behavior, obsession or compulsive behaviors, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity-attention deficit, and self-injurious and assaultive behavior. He started with the appearance and assessment of problems through case studies, then attentively guided the parents IMG_2812through the process of drawing solutions. His lecture provided parents with feasible measures to cope with their children’s behaviors, helping to alleviate their anxiety


Dr. Zhang Jishui, from Beijing Children’s Hospital, gave a speech called The Brain Cognitive Function Intervention of Autism. Dr. .Zhang has abundant clinical experience and has been engaged in autism treatment for a long time. Many parents attending the event came from other provinces to hear him speak.



From Left to Right: Susan Zhu, LIH Olivia's Place, Professor Fang, Beijing Children's Hospital, Dr. Alan, Mease, LIH Olivia's Place, and Dr. Zhang Jishui, Beijing Children's Hospital

From Left to Right: Susan Zhu, LIH Olivia’s Place, Professor Fang, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Dr. Alan, Mease, LIH Olivia’s Place, and Dr. Zhang Jishui, Beijing Children’s Hospital

After 3 hours of lectures, lots of parents still wanted to ask questions. One after another, they told Dr. Fang Fang, the director, that they hoped the event could be carried out again. It’s the long-cherished wish of parents to see their children reach their maximum potential. This health lecture aimed at helping parents to understand and accept autism objectively, to cope with present problems, and to be prepared for future challenges.