Care Providers Come Together for Better Postparum Mental Health

Olivia's Place Comments Off

On 7 March, LIH Olivia’s Place Psychologist Dr. Beth Rutkowski presented to the team at Ferguson Women’s Health on postpartum mental health. Dr. Rutkowski reviewed five conditions that women may experience following pregnancy. These include depression, mania, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and psychosis. The presentation included information on the presentation of these disorders as well as specific risk factors that make them more likely to occur. The goal of the presentation was to increase awareness and detection of these common conditions, as they occur in approximately 25% of new mothers. Dr. Rutkowski also discussed treatment techniques that are helpful for these conditions, including psychotherapy, social interventions, and the possibility of medication. Following the presentation, clinicians from LIH Olivia’s Place spoke with care providers at Ferguson Women’s Health about ways they could work more closely together to provide the best care possible for new mothers.