Angel Mamas and Eliott’s Corner Partner Up!

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Eliott’s Corner has started a partnership with the non-profit organization Angel Mamas, which takes care of Chinese children with special needs from institutions in various parts of China. Through an arrangement that provides Angel Mamas with a lower rate for therapy in recognition of the work they are doing, one of our physical therapists, Marc Innerhofer, spends a half day every week at Angel Mamas in Bejing. In addition to conducting physical therapy assessments and providing therapy to children there, Marc is providing additional training to Angel Mamas’ three physical therapists. Angel Mamas relies on public donations and a large pool of supporters. They were founded a few years ago by a passionate Chinese woman known as Sister Deng who has an amazing heart for helping disadvantaged kids. If you or your family are interested in volunteering or donating to support their work please email John Giszczak, Eliott’s Corner General Manager, at and he can put you in touch with them.